Healthy Food And Drink For Men

Summary: Healthy food and drink for men is not an unusual and out of way topic. It is as important as it seems important for women for their health and well-being. Most of the times men hardly pay attention to their health and diet and ignore healthy foods and drink that are essential for their good health also.

Article: An apple a day, keeps a doctor away is an old fashioned thing. Healthy food and drink for men is something new and interesting for them to maintain their good health, over all fitness and to reduce health risk factors. As men are still a major source of bread and butter of the family in many cases, so he needs a healthy and balanced diet plan for his good and quality health to avoid any health risks. It is however a chilling fact that men ignore their health and don’t follow a regular healthy eating plan. They keep themselves busy in their professional and family responsibilities. Hence give very less time to their health and health plans. Because of all these reasons, they need a proper and healthy food and drink plan.
There are lot of healthy food and drink for men. Many health related websites and magazines offer a huge list of healthy food and drink for men in order to keep them healthy, fit and smart. All a man need is to take a small amount of time from his busy schedule and must follow a proper healthy food and drink plan to stay healthy and fit. Otherwise, many fatal diseases like cardio vascular disease, diabetes, cancer, alzheimer, osteoporosis, hyper tension, depression and many other waits to ruin your good health.

                      Healthy foods for men
Here is a list of some healthy food and drink for men, to keep them healthy, fit, smart and younger than their actual age. 
Tomato: Many researches and doctors insist to take tomato in your daily diet. Tomato consist Lycopene, an anti-oxidant ingredient that reduces cancer risk and cardio vascular disease.
Broccoli: It is the food which tone down your cholesterol level rapidly. Broccoli is a healthy food for men and for women as well. Broccoli is a rich source of Kaempferol, which has the ability to reduce the impact of allergy related substances on your body. Broccoli also helps to eliminate chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and inadequate detoxification.
Green Beans: Green Beans are a healthy food for men. It is very essential for bones health. It is an excellent source of free radical-scavenging vitamin C and manganese, and bone-building vitamin K. in addition, it is also a good source of bone-building magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and copper; energy-producing thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin; muscle-enhancing protein; and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.

Cord Fish: Cord fish is very beneficial for people with atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. Cord fish also contain vitamin B 12 and Vitamin B 6 which keeps your homocysteine levels is medically proven that men who eat fish regularly have a lower risk of heart diseases and other cardio vascular disease. Cord fish and other sea foods also help to control your blood pressure.
Eggs: Eggs are very essential for men also. It is yet another very healthy food for men. Egg provides adequate proteins and calories. Egg also reduces Choline deficiency. Egg also improves your blood lipids and hence controls your cholesterol level. Egg also protects your eye sight. As egg yolk is a rich source of vision-protective carotenoids.
Olive Oil: Olive and Olive Oil is yet another healthy food for men. Olive Oil helps in digestion and regularizes your digestion system. It also prevents you from cardio vascular diseases. It is also use as an anti-cancer food. It helps to improve your cognitive skills. 

                               Healthy Drinks for men

Fresh Water: Water is the ultimate and a natural source to keep you healthy, fit and smart. There is no alternate of water. It is an abundant and refreshing drink that provides volume to your body. Intake of plenty of water keeps you away from dehydration, as are asthma and hyperventilation. Water also reduces your stress and tension level. It also keeps you from cancer and other fatal diseases. Doctors suggested that a man should drink at least 12 glass of water daily.
Milk: Milk considers as a best beverage for health. Milk provides you calcium and proteins which is very essential for bones and muscles. Milk is a major source to reduce Osteoporosis. Milk provides carbohydrates, essential minerals, vitamins, added fats and additional you don’t like milk, then you can add different flavors to make it possible for drink.
Caloric Beverages: These include fruit juice, vegetable juice, whole milk, sports drinks, vitamin-enhanced waters, and alcoholic beverages. Fresh fruit juices provide essential nutrition and minerals. Vegetable juices have sodium in them. These healthy drinks prevent you from different brain diseases, alzheimer, anti-aging and many other diseases.
Green Tea: It is one of the most useful and healthy drink for men also. From last 4500 years people all around the world use green tea for much health benefits. Green tea contains some 700 chemicals that protect you from more than 300 different kinds of bacteria. Green tea also help to maintain and normalize your blood pressure, lipid depressing activity, prevention of coronary heart diseases and also reduces extra fats and waste material from your body and keeps you lighter and smart. 

Now you must add these essential and healthy foods and drink in your daily diet to keep you healthy, fit, smart and young at long time. Have a healthy life.